Notice of EWFDRMBA Meeting

Notice of EWFDRMBA Meeting

Dear I-AM 101 Website users,

May this message find you all well and in good spirits. AS you know Trevor Jarvis will be with you soon, in Addis Ababa, to continue the work that he began on this project.

Trevor’s mission is part of the mission of the Ethiopian World Federation Dr. Melaku Beyan Association (EWF DRMBA). Ambrose King, President of the assiciation, has asked me to encourage the student class of I-AM to attend a meeting on Sunday June 30th where he will present an investment opportunity for the class to participate as well as encouragement to become members of the organization.

Message below.

Best wishes,
Gavin Sealey.

Dear Fam,

Please be informed of our regular face-to-face physical meeting this Sunday June 30th commencing 2:00pm sharp.

Venue Villa Verde Restaurant near Masqal Flower Hotel.

Main Agenda;

1. Seed Capital for the 3 African Governments endorsed project proposal to establish ‘ Climate Resiliant Green Economic Communities’,

2. CSO Income Generation Investment for the Local,

3. Update on I-AM Educational Project Continuation with US Embassy,

4. Digital Membership I.D.’s.

Make it a date & don’t be late & bring a friend.

Blessed Love.

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