Project Mission

Project Mission

Tenayistilign, meaning ‘greetings’ in Amharic, is the welcome phrase for the I-AM 101 project, focused on promoting and teaching Imaging, Animation and Media (I AM) in Ethiopia and Africa. This project is both an innovative new beginning and a first step on a learning path, as symbolised by ‘101’. It is led by Trevor Jarvis, who conducted a pilot course in Addis Ababa from October to December 2023, introducing fundamental principles of animation and also connecting Ethiopian students with global professionals in imaging and animation through online seminars. 

The project aims to address the exclusion of African youth from creative opportunities and to draw out their particular genius.

The project’s vision is to empower African youth to contribute to the imaging, animation, and media industries, and to facilitate collaboration between different world communities. 

Based in Addis Ababa, it seeks to establish a hub for an international learning and creative community.

The Ethiopian World Federation Dr. Melaku Bayan Association (EWF DRMBA) supports and manages this initiative. Trevor Jarvis, with over 25 years of experience, leads the project, leveraging his extensive contacts, resources and experience.

Beyond the provision of media courses, the project offers inclusion in a supportive learning community, and ongoing access to its resources.

The pilot course established key collaborations and provides a model for future work.