Where and When

Where and When

The Imaging-Animation and Media (I-AM) Project is an Addis Ababa based project to engage African young people in Imagination Communication Technology through introductory courses in the principles and practice of computer animation.

We wish to share our intentions widely because we see synergies with other projects that together can establish a powerful creative collaboration between communities located in different parts of the world and thus include African young people in conscious creative collaborative community that can transform and empower their lives. We wish to widen involvement in this project.

In Africa we will focus on delivering our first courses in Ethiopia and Ghana. We are developing contacts in the UK with members of the Black Diaspora and with Climate Change activists who understand that nothing will be solved until Africa, Africans and the Global South stand on an equal creative footing working with Europe and the Global North to address Global Issues from shared Global Grassroots perspectives.

Project Timeline:

  1. Establishing the management team that will lead, support and maintain the project.
  2. Establishing the structure for supporting delivery maintenance and review of:

a) Principles, Policies and Paths
b) Finance and Procurement
c) Place and Physical Resources
c) Promotion, People and Participation
d) Programme and Practice delivery

  1. Running the first course in Addis Ababa.
  2. Project review and report publication.
  3. Continuing support for ongoing learning community..