Front Page

Front Page

Animators bring drawings and computer generated characters to life on screen…
Animateurs organize or encourage artistic or social projects and activities.
I-AM does both.

What is I-AM

I-AM is an Imaging, Animation and Media (I-AM) learning project based in Addis Ababa and being developed and managed by the Education Committee of the Ethiopia World Federation (EWF).

The I-AM Project was created by highly skilled and motivated professionals in the IT and media industries with years of experience globally to address the exclusion of African youth from the creative opportunities afforded to those in the richer world. 

What is Our Vision

Our vision is to empower African youth to participate fully in and contribute to the IT and media industries with a conscious creative collaboration between communities located in different parts of the world to transform and improve their lives.

Who we Are

The Ethiopian World Federation (EWF) is taking the lead on the I-AM initiative through the education branch to implement this project in Ethiopia. The project is committed to working with partners in the discipline to ensure mutual benefit and growth. 

The I-AM project team leader is Trevor Jarvis, an artist, animator, and educator who has more than twenty-five years of experience in introducing learners to the core principles of storytelling through animation. Trevor will draw on the extensive contacts and resources he has acquired through his professional career to implement the project as he has done in Ghana in 2023.

Use the links on this page to find out more about the project.

The I-AM project is looking for partners, funders and friends who can support us in any way. The button below doesn’t work now but will as we continue to develop our funding strategy.